The Park

Phillippi Estate Park is located at 5500 South Tamiami Trail in Sarasota FL. The Edson Keith Mansion was built on this land in 1916, and is a renowned example of preserving the past while addressing the present. And it even prepares for the future… since many couples choose this beautiful creekside location for their wedding!

The historic Keith Farmhouse is the original building on the property and the Interpretive Center, which will occupy the first floor of the rehabilitated building, will be the recipient of funds raised.  Once completed, the Interpretive Center will be open to the public free of charge to learn about the 60-acre property, view prehistoric artifacts and nineteenth century historical items used on the estate. This beautiful painting of the Farmhouse is by Dominic Avant.

The Edson Keith estate reflects much of Sarasota’s most venerable history. The Mansion will host more exhibitors on History Day in the Park. Our hosts will welcome you and tell you about the Keith family from Chicago, who became Sarasotans in 1916.