On Saturday, March 25, 2023, Phillippi Estate Park is hosting History Day in the Park to share with the public our area’s past and to show the history, archaeology and amenities of Phillippi Estate Park.

We will be highlighting the groups who teach, help protect, and honor local history. We hope your group’s participation that day in activities and demonstrations of your choice will foster an appreciation for what came before now that made this area so special. Click to learn about participating as a NFP with an historic perspective.

Alongside our historic peers, we offer space for commercial businesses who want to help build our community. Are you a performer, exhibitor, business that addresses history? Perhaps you’re an historic author, or a group concerned with preserving the ecology that made this area what it is? You might even be an historic business that has helped people enjoy our region for many years! Click to learn more about participating as a for-profit with an interest in local history.

Our family-friendly event will have something for everyone. Join us in showcasing your mission at lovely and historic Phillippi Estate Park!

To receive full information on participating in History Day in the Park, please contact Jane Kirschner, Participation Coordinator at

All proceeds from History Day in the Park will be dedicated to creating, within the historic Keith Farmhouse (1916), an Interpretive Center showcasing 50 centuries of habitation, from 5000 years ago until today at this creek-side location.