Nonprofit? Join us for History Day in the Park

HDIP will be highlighting the groups who teach, help protect, and honor local history. We hope your group’s participation that day in activities and demonstrations of your choice will foster an appreciation for what came before now that made this area so special and will lead to added support, membership, and volunteerism for your cause.

Phillippi Estate Park is the perfect location for us all to come together. The grounds have been home to 50 centuries of our past, and the 60-acre park is ideally situated on Tamiami Trail (Rt. 41) at Phillippi Creek to show the community what happened from prehistory to “just yesterday.”

Confirmed historical groups who will be engaging, entertaining, and educating our guests include:
Sarasota Alliance for Historic Preservation
Warm Mineral Springs/ Little Salt Spring Archaeological Society
Sarasota County Historical Resources
Venice Area Historical Society
Englewood Museum
The Ringling
Light Chasers Plein Air Painters of the Suncoast
World of ChuckO
The Historical Society of Sarasota County
Reflections of Manatee
4th Florida Company K, Confederate States of America
Phillippi Crest Club
Sara De Soto Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
Sons of the American Revolution
Time Sifters Archaeology Society
American Pen Women, Sarasota branch
Sarasota County Libraries
Sarasota County Butterfly Club
Friends of the Sarasota History Center
Visit Sarasota

Historical societies are all welcome, no matter your size or scope. You need not be in Sarasota County: we look forward to helping the public become acquainted with all history-related nonprofits from the entire region, encompassing our shared history in Sarasota / Manatee / Desoto/ Charlotte County areas. Showcase your vibrant interests and mission, educate the public, and expand your active membership. Questions? Contact Jane Kirschner, Participants Coordinator, at

With planned participation from dozens of local historic interest groups during History Day in the Park, families will get hands-on learning experiences with our local history. They’ll have the chance to participate and interact with all aspects of the history of this land, from prehistory to today. Fifty centuries of living on Phillippi Creek means there’s a lot to marvel at! Is your group interested in joining us for History Day in the Park on Saturday March 25 2023? We look forward to your participation.

There is no set charge for your participation as an historic nonprofit. Your contribution is up to you and your association’s budget. While we are keen to get an Interpretive Center open, we have no desire to cause your group any financial strain.
Our goals:
* To get the public appreciating the area’s history on a site which has seen 50 centuries of it;
* To highlight the groups such as yours, that they can participate in to learn more, help protect and join;
* To foster an appreciation for what came before that made this area so special;
* And to raise awareness, and funds, for the Phillippi Interpretive Center about life on the creek.

We would love to see your group’s exhibit truly involve our visitors with a demonstration or activity. Actually having hands-on experience is the best way to awaken their interest and involvement. If your board or volunteers need some suggestions on what sort of activity could work for your resources, Click Here.

(If you are a for-profit vendor, performer, artist or author with a focus on local history, contact Jane Kirschner at to discuss how you can participate during History Day in the Park.)

All proceeds from History Day in the Park will be dedicated to creating, within the historic Keith Farmhouse (1916), an Interpretive Center showcasing 50 centuries of habitation, from 5000 years ago until today at this creek-side location.