Calling all participants and supporters!

Are you one of our historical groups or one of our vendors or food trucks? Or, maybe you just love the whole IDEA of a day devoted to highlighting local history.

Maybe you’re a group that can’t come because Sat. March 25 is a busy day at yourplace. Or maybe you used to live in Sarasota/ Manatee/ Desoto/ Charlotte county and want to help show “the way things used to be.”

Well, here’s a way you can help. Download our flier and print it, share it via your email list, or simply use it in your social media. The more the merrier! AND the more, the closer we can get to making the future Interpretive Center of Life on the Creek, our planned museum in the Historic Keith Mansion, a reality.

Click the image to get the flier.

Thanks for anything and everything you can do.

Sincerely, the crew doing all this.

Historic Groups Participating, Supporters

Come chat with local treasure Jeff LaHurd

We’re looking forward to greeting Jeff LaHurd on Saturday March 25, 2023. He loves to talk history, so bring your questions… or your books for him to autograph!

Jeff LaHurd is a historical resource behind a dashing moustache.

He’s written more books than I can count, but here’s just some of them:

Jeff’s most recent book, The North Tamiami Trail: A Drive Through Sarasota History, was commissioned by the Sarasota Alliance for Historic Preservation to highlight the rich history of this stretch of the Tamiami Trail and help familiarize readers with its evolution as the premier gateway to Sarasota. This 66-page narrative is rich in historical pictures and stories that memorialize many of the Trail’s landmarks and businesses. Also included, a map of the points of interest to facilitate self tours by readers. It will be avaiable for purchase at the SAHP exhibit during History Day in the Park.

Historic Groups Participating, Participants, Supporters

Bill Schustik, America’s Troubadour

It’s gonna be a great performance, and we can’t thank Bill enough for supporting our fundraising effort by volunteering to perform during History Day in the Park. We’re looking forward to enjoying VGO and Bill as singing, strumming, story tellers. From 2pm on, at the Farmhouse Porch, on Saturday March 25 2023. Free in the open air, but I’m guessing there will be the honored tradition of a hat to throw some money in!

“Bill Schustik travels the highways and byways of the United States entertaining audiences, accompanying himself on guitar and banjo, harmonica, concertina, and dulcimer. With his rich baritone voice and unique storytelling ability, he unabashedly carries his audiences on an enchanted musical journey of America’s history and folklore, spinning facts and trivia as vast and varied as our heritage.” — Friends of the Sarasota County Libraries.

A short snippet of Bill, filmed at the Bidwell-Wood House at the Historical Society of Sarasota County by The Observer newspapers.
A Taste of History, Supporters

Richard Capes: A Sarasota Treasure

We are so pleased to announce that, true to his lifelong support of history, Richard Capes has donated two of his discontinued prints of his painting, “Edson Keith Mansion”, to History Day in the Park to be awarded in a “pick-your-prize” raffle on Saturday March 25.

In this segment from Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins, you’ll see Richard painting the Keith Farmhouse in 2008, before the exterior of the Farmhouse was restored. Now, 14 years later, Richard has donated his famed artwork of the Mansion itself to the cause of turning his artistry into a living part of current day Sarasota by encouraging donations for the planned Interpretive Center.

Click to hear Jack Perkins tell us about Richard Capes and his generous soul.

To see the complete Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins show which aired on Christmas Day 2008, click here.

We would like to thank Richard and his brother, Jim Capes, for their generous donation which will thrill art lovers in our community. The second print will be used as a fund-raiser this coming fall/winter during “Afternoon at the Mansion”, a series of local history presentations.

Raffle tickets for the Capes watercolor and other prizes will be sold during History Day in the Park on Saturday March 25 in the Mansion itself and by roving costumed characters, so bring cash to buy your tickets. You need not be present to win.