Calling all participants and supporters!

Are you one of our historical groups or one of our vendors or food trucks? Or, maybe you just love the whole IDEA of a day devoted to highlighting local history.

Maybe you’re a group that can’t come because Sat. March 25 is a busy day at yourplace. Or maybe you used to live in Sarasota/ Manatee/ Desoto/ Charlotte county and want to help show “the way things used to be.”

Well, here’s a way you can help. Download our flier and print it, share it via your email list, or simply use it in your social media. The more the merrier! AND the more, the closer we can get to making the future Interpretive Center of Life on the Creek, our planned museum in the Historic Keith Mansion, a reality.

Click the image to get the flier.

Thanks for anything and everything you can do.

Sincerely, the crew doing all this.

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