A Taste of History, Participants

Making history… and rum

History Day in the Park is all about history, right? And you know what’s cool about history?

We’re always making it.

Each in our own way. Here’s a fellow who’s making it (and racking up the awards along the way): Troy Roberts with his Siesta Key Rum.

Troy Roberts, as seen at siestasand.us

And guess what? Siesta Key Rum will be at History Day in the Park! There will be all sorts of wonderful, award-winning infused rums… and we hear tell, too, that there’s a rum-bottle dog toy available. Let’s hope there will be some for our four-legged companions, who, as you know, are always welcome on the grounds of Phillippi Estate Park.

There’s even recipes on the website.

Our thanks to siestasand.us for the portrait of Troy. Read their story about the history of the distillery here.

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