An Author with a Mission

Richard Lee Cronin, writer and historian and author of multiple books on Florida’s history, will be sharing his vast and well-researched knowledge with us on History Day in the Park on Saturday March 25, 2023. We’re excited to welcome him and know you’ll come away from a visit with him with interesting stories from the past.

Richard Cronin, history raconteur.

I arrived in Florida Christmas Day 1971, a hundred years to the day, I later learned, from the day John Otto Fries’ arrived in central Florida. Decades passed before I learned of the precision surveyor whose work I routinely rely on today, but with this precautionary postscript. Fries was a precise land surveyor, but a horrible speller.

Observations as a youth, I’m convinced, laid a foundation for my obligation as a history researcher, trust information only after you take the necessary time to verify it.

I knew nothing of Florida’s rich history when I arrived, but wanted to discover as much as possible about my new home. 

The last half of the 19th century was a fascinating period in Florida, a time and place often described as an American Paradise, and the period during which my research and writing centers. This was a time of amazing people – men and women – who endured remarkable triumphs and tragedies.

Richard’s speciality as he travels the state, attending history get-togethers, is delivering his renowned “Snippets of Hometown History“, presentations of 15 minutes or less focusing on local lore.

We can’t wait to see what lore/ facets/ tales he chooses to tell us about the Sarasota region!

Richard’s website and his Facebook are full of information. Fun fact: Email him with the books you want to purchase, and he’ll bring them with him especially for you!

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