Bring your old toys!

Introducing and owner Ed Sandford. As a participant in History Day in the Park on Saturday March 25, he’ll be showing some of his wonderful wares and doing appraisals. Here’s what he says:

Sometimes it is dizzying to categorize toys.  Are they very old, newer, reproduction toys or desirable? We love old toys, so it is simply a pleasure to see what families have.  

And he’s just the guy to ask! Find him inside the Keith Mansion during the one-day event on Saturday March 25. Even if you’re not in the market for antique playthings or don’t have any to be appraised (appraisal fee applies), it’s wonderful to see some nostalgic items.

And Ed adds a note for those cleaning out their storage:

P.S. We love donations of ephemera and catalogs too! We enjoy the toy help and toy research.

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