A Taste of History, The Park

The Farm Market that’s really The Farmhouse Market

You’re familiar with farm markets, of course… but did you notice the Phillippi market is actually the “Farmhouse Market“?

That’s because it helps support the Keith Farmhouse! Here’s a shot of the back of the Farmhouse, with its cistern which saved rainwater for reuse.

Phillippi Farmhouse Market is an all-volunteer market managed by a Friends of Sarasota County Parks volunteer. The market of 50+ vendors is on grass, in a park, with live music, fun food choices, pet-friendly, free adjacent parking. Net proceeds from the Market are donated to the renovation of the historic Keith farmhouse located on the property.

And now is the perfect time to make a stop at the Farmhouse Market part of your Wednesday morning routine… just look at all the produce that’s fresh now locally!

Can you imagine the festive meals you can make out of all this?

Click for a larger image

Open every Wednesday from 8am to 1pm… and you’ll have fresh produce, live music, AND help the Farmhouse Interpretive Center museum become a reality!

Learn more on their website, and keep up with the weekly changes in live music and special events on their Facebook page.

And yes, there’s some amazing holiday gift ideas and hostess gifts to be gathered too!

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