Betcha a Boondoggle ain’t what you think….

Here’s how Collins Dictionary defines the word “boondoggle”:

  1. a product of simple manual skill, as a plaited leather cord for the neck or a knife sheath, made typically by a camper or a scout
  2. work of little or no value done merely to keep or look busy
  3. a project funded by the federal government out of political favoritism that is of no real value to the community or the nation

Here in southern Florida, this is what a boondoggle looks like:

Photo courtesy of Historical Society of Sarasota County.

And if you think that looks like a simple manual skill…. you might be able to watch as one is created out of palm fronds during History Day in the Park!

We don’t have a boondoggler signed up yet for our event on Saturday March 25, 2023… but we DO have Civil War reenactors, butter-churning, traditional musicians and more. If you’re interested and have an historic skill you want to demonstrate and/or sell, contact Jane Kirschner, Participation Coordinator at to learn more! Take a peek at our Participants page as well.

And no, I will not be discussing the dictionary definition #3.

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