The Park

Proud to be #10!

That is, PEP is proud to be Stop #10 on this automobile tour of the Manatee-Sarasota Watershed.

Yes, “watershed” is a real thing, not just a metaphor (or is that a simile I’m thinking of? I was absent that day.)

A watershed is an area of land where all the rainfall collects and flows downstream into a particular body of water, like Manatee River or Sarasota Bay. Unfortunately, this water can pick up a lot of pollution along the way. In order to keep our favorite downstream fishing spots, beaches, and waterways healthy, we need to take care of our upstream area too.

Watershed Audio Tour

The Watershed Audio Tour explores the habitats, plants, and wildlife that make our area so unique and highlights the many ways we can better protect and enjoy these natural wonders. Topics include local sustainability, conservation, restoration, wildlife, ecosystems, water quality, and more.

As a County Park on the shores of Phillippi Creek, the role our park plays in the health of our waters is huge. Many thanks to the fisherfolk, the canoeists and kayakers, and the pedestrians who enjoy PEP every day for helping our environment be healthy and litter-free.

This free tour features 40 stops around Sarasota and Manatee counties that can be accessed by phone from anywhere (941-926-6813), or visit the featured locations at outdoor sites to get an up-close and personal experience.

You can explore the full tour here.

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