The Park

Such a son-in-law!

The historic Keith Farmhouse, which Edson Keith built to live in while his mansion was being built, was actually kind of a bachelor pad. His wife, Nettie, stayed behind in Chicago to coordinate the wedding of their daughter, Katherine, to a fellow by the name of David Adler.

(Yes, you Chicagoans and visitors to that city, that Adler. Adler Planetarium?)

Well, David was quite the wonderful son-in-law. He went on to design over 45 of the great classical homes for the ultrawealthy, and today at least 12 of his works are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

David Adler, his wife Katherine Keith Adler, and Marshall Field (yes, that Marshall Field) the Third. Photo courtesy David Adler Great House Architect

David was “society’s architect,” gaining his commissions by word of mouth. The homes he designed (and sited, landscaped, and even provided the interior decor for) were quite grand… much more so than the Adlers’ home in Libertyville IL, now a center for the arts.

David and Katherine Adler’s personal home. Photo from Adler Arts Center

There’s been a four-art documentary made on David Adler’s career and the elegant homes he designed, but it’s hard to locate. Read more on the documentary’s website. If anyone knows where we can watch it, let us know.

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