Mae Hansen Prodie would approve!

The very first participants to sign up for History Day in the Park are the artists of Lightchasers, a plein air group who have loved Phillippi Estate Park for years. That’s so fitting!

Photo Courtesy of Lightchasers.

On March 25, you’ll be able to watch, talk to, and enjoy the creation of paintings done on site, in real time… and you can even, as artists say, buy “off the easel” directly from the painter. When you buy from the artist, you’ll help support the arts and might even go down in history as a Patron of the Arts!

Which is what Mae Hansen Prodie, second owner of the Keith Mansion, loved to do. She encouraged and even rented rooms out in her home and the Farmhouse in the 1970s and 1980s to “starving artists.”

Phillippi Estate Park has a close and warm connection to artists of all sorts. When you purchase from one of the Lightchasers, you will have the opportunity to add a donation of your choice directly to the development of the Interpretive Center to be fitted into the historic Keith Farmhouse.

Mae would definitely approve!

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