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Phillippi Estate Park, as the home of the Edson Keith Mansion and the historic Keith Farmhouse, is holding History Day in the Park on Saturday March 25 2023. We’re helping preserve the fascinating history of the greater Sarasota area by presenting local history to residents and visitors.

We’re partnering with nonprofit groups around the region who focus on the historic places, people, and events from prehistory to “just yesterday.” These happenings have formed our present-day communities and influence what happens next: our futures going forward.

Please note that our friend the Barbie Doll Lady, will not be here. She broke her arm! Here’s hoping she heals well, and that we can feature her another time.

History Day in the Park will present the Park and its amenities and draw attention to the fund-raising to open, in the preserved and repurposed Farmhouse, an Interpretive Center of Life on the Creek. Once completed, the Interpretive Center will be open to the public free of charge to learn about the 60-acre property, view prehistoric artifacts and view nineteenth century historical items used on the estate.

In addition to our local historic interest groups, there will be vendors, performers, food trucks and more. During History Day in the Park adults and children can have hands-on learning experiences with our local history. They’ll have the chance to participate and interact with all aspects of the history of this land, from prehistory to today. Fifty centuries of living on Phillippi Creek means there’s a lot to marvel at!

Get a taste of what it was like in days gone by, enjoy experts in history, have a bite to eat from our food trucks, and learn why this area is the way it is. You’ll find a variety of entertainers and activities ranging from butter-making to boondoggle-weaving. Along the way, grab a raffle ticket to win a piece of the iconic Richard Capes artwork, learn how steam-driven farm machinery worked, explore antique cars, talk to local authors, and peek inside a Civil War tent. You can even get your childhood toys and dolls appraised and learn more about them! ! Follow us as we gather all the fun for you, on our website at, and on our Facebook page.

All this and more during History Day in the Park. Mark your calendars for March 25 2023 at Phillippi Estate Park 5500 South Trail, Sarasota. It’ll be a great way to effortlessly absorb some local history. More information or interested in joining us?  Contact Jane Kirschner, Participation Coordinator at 

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